Breaking global mainstream hoax media info about Kosovo-Metochia

Welcome to Kosovo! The World’s Newest Narco State

As we can readily observe in other climes, the interpenetration of the state by criminal elites serve as the preferred mechanism to cement a “public-private partnership” founded on corruption, maintained by brute force solely for purposes of resource extraction, pipeline politics, military bases and the geopolitical advantage gained over “market” rivals […]

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Towards a Mafia state in Kosovo: NATO still getting it wrong in Kosovo

There is a larger than life statue of president Bill Clinton in Pristina. Shortly after the occupation of Kosovo the Americans constructed the enormous Camp Bondsteel. Kosovo is their baby and at all cost it must be accepted as a sovereign state. Unfortunately, the costs are high and may well spell the demise of NATO as a respected champion of the rule of law and democratic freedom […]

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