Monitoring the Albanian Kosovostan Islamic Caliphate founded by ex-US President Bill Clinton in June 1999

Category: Greater Albania

Kosovo Liberation Army – (a Western pro-terrorist article)


This article is written in very Western pro-terrorist way in order to give political support to Kosovo Albanian separatists and justify Muslim Albanian destruction of Christian Serb Kosovo inheritance followed by ethnic cleansing of the Serbs from the region. Nevertheless, even in such kind of articles the basic truth is unavoidable to be recognized that is underlined in bold. It is up to the readers to understand and interpret the text correctly if they want […]


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(Quasi)Academic foundations of a racist Greater Albania


Surely, a territory of Kosovo-Metochia or the Ancient Serbia (from the Italian mediaeval sources a Vecchia Servia) became the first (quasi)”Albanian” land incorporated into the framework of a Greater Albania – a project based on both a racist ideology of (quasi)”Illyrian” origin of the Balkan Albanians and ideology of the Islamic fundamentalism practiced today by the Islamic State in the Middle East […]


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