Orthodox Christian ghettoization and anti-Serb clampdown in Kosovo


Western morality is that the victims of history who suffered 600 years of victimhood at the hands of so many external forces must be taught a lesson for trying to defend their land. NATO and other institutions which have helped to take Kosovo away from Serbia would have been welcomed with open arms by the slave master Turks of the Ottoman Empire and the grand designs of Nazi Germany […]

Albanian organized crime in UK and mainstream media


One of the greatest Albanian achievements and contribution to UK society certainly occurred in 2006. It has been known as the world’s largest-ever cash robbery, with £53m stolen from a Securitas cash depot in Tonbridge, Kent, by a gang dressed in latex masks and police uniforms […]

The killing of Serbian children in Kosovo: The story of a survivor


Bogdan cried for help and still tried to get up. The villagers brought the boy to the hospital at the KFOR military base, but the doctor was not there […]

The Albanian Origin: The main challenges of research


The first Balkan province already de facto incorporated into the united national state of the Illyro-Albanians with the capital in Tirana is Kosovo and Metohija […]

Kosovo: Hillary Clinton’s Legacy of Terror

Killary 2016

The “liberation” of Kosovo unleashed radical Islamism in Europe […]

Western intelligence operation “Kosovo Liberation Army” harvested Serbs’ organs – EU inquiry


The chief prosecutor Clint Williamson, who led the investigation, said there was no evidence of widespread organ harvesting, but that the crime had occurred a number of times […]

Obama ignorance exposed: States Kosovo left Serbia only after referendum, but there was NO referendum at all!

isis, albania, map.jpg

Barack Obama’s speech on Ukrainian crisis seems to have left the public confused as he claimed that Kosovo broke away from Serbia “after a referendum” […]

Criminal Kosovo: America’s gift to Europe


What have Thaci and company done with their “liberation”? First of all, they allowed their American sponsors to build a huge military base, Camp Bondsteel […]

Kosovo drops poisoning from terrorist charges


The group of suspected terrorists arrested near Pristina in July will go on trial charged with preparing terrorist acts – but not with attempting to poison the city’s water supply […]

Islamization & Albanization of Kosovo in 2010


Photo album of 214 authentic photos […]

Kosovo – Mafia – Fascism – Jihad


Hiding Genocide in Kosovo: A Crime against God and Humanity is not a typical book of the current events or international affairs genre. Nor is it a journalistic exposé […]

Kosovo government wants to destroy Christ the Savior cathedral in Pristina


The Diocese of Raska-Prizren of the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) denied the allegations that the unfinished Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Pristina was illegally built on usurped grounds and needs to be removed […]